Cannibal Cookout

Cannibal Cookout The cooking game to die for!

Hector and Elvira need your help becoming Head Chefs. Only problem is, they only eat Nibblers, who won’t go down without a fight.

Cannibal Cookout gives a whole new meaning to the term “pressure cooker”. You will be tasked with cooking multiple lively recipes while you work your way up the cooking ranks. Sounds easy right? Along your way you will have to fend off an array of pestering hurdles ranging from sneaky birds and bolts of lightning to UFOs and army tanks.

Speed and timing will be needed to keep countless enemies and natural elements from ruining your meal and stealing your ingredients. Keep an eye out for policeman, firemen, helicopters, burglarizing trolls and more! Don’t worry you can check out the general store for items to help you along your journey.

Do you have what it takes to man the fire, chop the wood and add the ingredients while fending off countless enemies?

Unlock and collect ingredients for tons of gruesome recipes ranging from Jellied Brains and Eyes Cream to Scrambled Legs and Pepperoni Pizza Eyes! Beware, some ingredients are trickier to find than others.

Spotlight Review by Belstars

This is a fun and very well put together game. You get to be a rather gruesome cannibal who mostly wants to cook and eat nibblers. This is a challenge when the fire needs to be kept hot, angry birds (not those kind) want to bomb your pot and an array of ghosts, ninjas and wood trolls also fancy taking their chances with your dinner.

Lots of extra tasks to win rare skulls and some fun extras that you can only find by playing around with the characters (the busy little dog does more than dig and pee!).

It's free, and I've got as far as level 80 without spending real money.

Big thumbs up for anyone with a sense of humour!

Spotlight Review by iHeartThisApp

Cannibal Cookout is a game which will provide users with hours of crazy, addictive, and silly fun through cooking Nibblers, repelling enemies, collecting body parts, and completing recipes.

Unfortunately, the unique about this game will probably be the main thing that will turn off some people -- the theme. The elements of cannibalism, cooking Nibblers, and collecting bodyparts and ingredients for recipes are absurd and morbid, but all for the sake of fun. The theme is juxtaposed with cute graphics and funny animations which tell us that the developers are not taking the game too seriously and why should you?

The game also has a good training/introduction level which teaches the user about the different elements in the game one by one so as not to overwhelm them. Aside from gold, body parts, or ingredients, there is another reward that will push users to complete the recipes. For each completed recipe, the app will give users a page of a comic book which tells about the Nibbler’s past. So if you want to know what happened, go play the game!


  • Dozens of adorable characters.
  • Puzzles and tricks to crack and solve.
  • Over 70 levels of pressure cooking fun!
  • Heaps of funny and cute animations.
  • Countless achievements!
  • Cook your Facebook Friends!


  • Fantastic!! What an amazingly addictive game, love the graphics and such a funny idea, I love it :-)
  • Quite an unique and interesting premises here. Love it!0
  • Really good fun! This game rocks and is hugely addictive. The humour from the characters is great and it is lots of fun cooking Facebook friends too. Recommended!
  • Awesome Game ! This is a very original game, it doesnt get boring & it's a lot of fun. The characters are super cute & there's a nice amount of little variation from level to level. I love it ! :D
  • I've never played a game like Can Cook. At the beginning I thought it's complicate. But the tutorial is very helpful. One of my favorite games in the store!
  • I really like this game, I gave it five stars because it's very addictive. I hope there is longevity in this game.
  • Fun game and definitely keeps your attention
  • his game is super fun whoever made this is awesome bieeeeeee
  • This game is so addictive and I absolutely love it!!!!