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Comet Collapse

Comet Collapse The race is on to save planet Earth! Are you up to the challenge?

This is a space based quest game where you have to save planet earth from being hit by the comet Zeus!

Explore the solar system and collect items that will eventually allow you to build and launch a space ship that can drop a very large bomb on to the comet.

Along the way, you will need to recruit your crew members, gather rations and medical supplies and make sure you have enough fuel to reach the comet.

The game is simple to play. Collapse the blocks on the different planets to cause a quest item to drop to the bottom of the screen. Once it reaches the bottom, you’ve collected that item, and can move on to the next.

Each level and each planet has been carefully designed to ensure that the early levels are easy, but the later levels will have you tearing your hair out.


  • 20 unique planets to explore
  • Over 200 levels and quest items to collect
  • Nastach space stock market - your chance to pick up a bargain (or pay too much!)
  • Many achievements to earn
  • Gorgeous graphics, fully optimised for all screen sizes
  • Non linear game play